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Lama pacos

The Alpaca has been an important domestic animal for thousands of years – especially for the Inca Indians. In their heyday, the Inca Indians made use of the milk, meat, fur and sometimes also the excrement which can be dried and used as fuel.

Today, the Alpaca is mostly kept for its fur which yields nice, warm wool used in clothing and blankets. The Inca Indians let them grass freely during the day and keep them in pens during the night.

When the Alpaca gets really angry, it will fold back its ears and spit. The spit consists of chewed stomach contents which it coughs out through its nose and mouth – and it can hit very accurately.

Grass, shrubs, lichen and mushrooms
South America
Life expectancy
14 years
55-65 kg
Gestation period
11 months
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)

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