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Close up af katta lemur i Odense ZOO tværformat
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Ring-tailed lemur

Lemur catta

Ring-tailed lemurs live in large groups, mostly populated by males. However, the females are in charge and they choose their food before the males. They also decide which male they want to be with. The young are not only cared for by their parents, the whole group helps.

Ring-tailed lemurs communicate, among other things, by means of scents from scent glands and this is their way of marking their territory. They also make sounds and communicate by means of their tails.

The Odense ZOO enclosure has been constructed as an abandoned vanilla factory as many
of the ring-tailed lemur’s habitats previously were occupied to grow vanilla. For this reason,
they are often found in old abandoned buildings.

Fruit, flowers, grass and grain
Life expectancy
18 years
2,4-3,7 kg
Gestation period
120-135 days
IUCN status
Endangered (EN)