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Zebramangust med fisk i munden i Odense ZOO
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Zebra mongoose

Mungos mungo

Zebra mongooses live in caves which they find around the savannah. They move often – approx. every three days – but they do not care to dig new caves each time. Their food mainly consists of insects, larva, lizards and frogs. They also eat fruit, roots, eggs and other rodents smaller than they are.
In nature, the zebra mongoose can be seen together with warthogs which they cleanse of fleas and other insects. This way, the mongoose gets something to eat and the warthogs get clean.

The Odense ZOO enclosure imitates the zebra mongoose’s natural surrounding providing it
with climbing options and small caves for hiding.

Small mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, eggs, roots and fruit
Life expectancy
8-10 years
1,5-2 kg
Gestation period
8 weeks
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)