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Rød panda i grønne Odense ZOO
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Red panda

Ailurus fulgens

The red panda is a skilled climber and it finds most of its food in the trees. It has opposable thumbs so that it can hold on tight when it climbs from one branch to another.

The males have special glands at the root of their tail which they use to mark their territories with their scent. Unfortunately, the red panda is an endangered species. Its habitats are shrinking and it is hunted for its magnificent fur.

If you cannot spot our red pandas right away, try looking up into the trees. They often sleep
up there during the day because they are most active during the night.

Mainly vegetarian, sometimes insects, chicks and small mammals
Life expectancy
14 years
3.7-6.2 kg
Gestation period
112-145 days
IUCN status
Endangered (EN)