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Grevys zebraer på savannen i Odense ZOO
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Equus grevyi

The zebra looks like a horse and belongs to the same family, but the white stripes on its black body make it quite unique. Each zebra has its own pattern so a foal can recognise
its mother – and vice versa. The stripes also make it difficult for predators to select an individual animal within the herd.

Grevy’s zebra is the biggest kind of zebra known for its narrow stripes and big ears. The zebra is endangered. There are fewer than 3,000 left in the wild.

At Odense ZOO, we have no males because they bite the females and they cannot run
away like they would be able to in the wild.

Life expectancy
Ca. 20 years
350-450 kg
Gestation period
1 year
IUCN status
Endangered (EN)