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Sable antelope

Hippotragus niger

The sable antelope got its name from its big, spiral horns. The females’ horns are 60-100 cm long while the males can grow to a length of up to 165 cm. They are used frequently when the males fight each other for the females. If a horn breaks, it does not grow back.

A sable antelope’s calves hide and lie completely still up to two weeks after birth. This is unique compared to other antelope calves which follow the herd within minutes
after being born.

The sable antelopes are born with a fierce temper and will attack as soon as they feel

Grass and leaves
Life expectancy
17-20 years
Male: 200-270 kg Female: 190-230 kg
Gestation period
268-280 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)