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Rangifer tarandus tarandus

Reindeer have big and wide hooves which function just like snowshoes so the reindeer do not sink deep down into the snow. Both males and females have antlers which fall off once a year after which new ones grow out. The new antlers grow bigger and bigger each year as the reindeer grows older until the
age of 7-10 years where the male grows the biggest antlers in its lifetime. At Odense ZOO, we trim the hooves and sometimes also the antlers so that they do not grow wild and annoy the reindeer.

The calves are born in the spring and they are ready to follow the heard as early as one hour after birth. The milk from the reindeer is very high in fat content so the calves quickly gain weight making them able to manage under tough conditions.

Lichen, leaves, herbs and mushrooms
Asia and Europe
Life expectancy
6-10 years
Gestation period
228 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)