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Oryctolagus sp.

The rabbit is a social animal with up to several hundred individuals within a colony. When the baby rabbits are born, they have no fur and they cannot see. The fur starts to grow after about a week. And when they are a couple of weeks old, they open their eyes.

The babies lie in a nest which the mother has dug for them. She closes the entrance to the nest with earth, fur or other materials and marks the place with urine or excrements to keep other rabbits away.

If a rabbit gets scared, it stomps its hind legs on the ground. This signal makes the flock seek refuge in the underground tunnels.

Grass, bark, buds and seedlings
Life expectancy
Ca. 10 years
2.5-4.5 kg
Gestation period
28 days
IUCN status
Data deficient (DD)