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Pygmy goat

Capra hircus

The pygmy goat is very good at climbing and keeping its balance. It is also robust and eats almost all kinds of plants. This way, it can live in very different surroundings like mountains, forests and on the savannah.

The pygmy goat is a very common house pet. It is also called “the poor man’s cow”. That is because we humans can exploit its milk, meat and skin.

At Odense ZOO, you can enter the pygmy goat enclosure. You may pet them – but you are not allowed to lift them up. Within the enclosure you will see replicas of huts as these are built by a Somali tribe. They have two floors so that the herders can sleep on the first floor and the animals on the ground floor.

Leaves, shrubs, bark and dry herbs
Life expectancy
10-12 years
Male: 30-35 kg Female: 20-25 kg
Gestation period
5-6 months
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)