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Lesser hedgehog tenrec

Echinops telfairi

The lesser hedgehog tenrec is very similar to a normal hedgehog. It can also roll itself up as a ball with its quills sticking out. However, in reality, they are not related.

Genetically speaking, the tenrec is far-removed related to the elephant. One of the similarities is the fact that it does not lose its milk teeth until adulthood.

The tenrec has poor eyesight due to its small eyes and it sleeps all day. Its hearing, on the other hand, is good and it has sensitive whiskers making it able to find its way during the night when it is out looking for small animals and plants on the forest floor. The tenrec’s quills make it look like a brush, hence its Danish nickname “brush pig”.

Insects, worms, snails, fruit and vegetables
Life expectancy
6-8 years
110-270 g
Gestation period
50-55 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)