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Equus caballus

Horses have been an important domestic animal for humans for thousands of years and have mainly been used as means of transport and traction. A newborn foal can stand up as early as fifteen minutes after birth. When an hour has passed, the foal is ready to follow
the herd.

Horses can turn their ears enabling them to listen in various directions. If their ears lie flat down on their heads, they are angry and may bite. If they want to greet you, the ears
point forward.

At Odense ZOO, we activate the horses by giving them balls with carrots and other food so they have to work to get to the food instead of just having it served to them.

Grass, herbs, bark and leaves
Life expectancy
In captivity: 20-25 years In nature: 6-7 years
225-250 kg
Gestation period
11 months
IUCN status
Data deficient (DD)