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Guinea fowl

Numida meleagris

The guinea fowl is a gallinaceous bird which spends most of its day digging in the soil for food. The guinea fowl can walk up to 10 km in one day. It can also fly, but not very well. So they usually run if they need to escape from a threat.

Guinea fowls are gregarious animals which quack when they call each other or if they are disturbed. They hide their nests in scrubs and bushes and the female normally lays between 6 and 12 eggs in her nest.

The wings on the chicken grow fast and it is capable of flying to safety up in the trees during
the night when it is just two weeks old.

Small animals, insects, plants and fruit
Life expectancy
12 years
53-58 cm
Incubation period
26-28 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)