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Gentoo Penguin

Pygoscelis papua

The Danish name for Gentoo Penguin is derived from its donkey-like braying sounds. It can easily be recognised by the white stripe on the top of its head. Of the 18 species of penguin, the Gentoo Penguin also has the longest tail.

The male and female hatch their eggs in a nest built with rocks, moss and twigs. They take turns keeping the eggs warm and collecting food. When the eggs hatch, the chicks are fed fish.

At Odense ZOO, we imitate the conditions on Antarctica by adjusting the light in the penguin enclosure to follow the daily rhythm in their natural habitats.

Fish, squids and zooplankton
South America
Life expectancy
In nature: 16 years
75 cm
Incubation period
33 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)