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Flamingo giver sin unge mad i Odense ZOO
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Phoenicopterus roseus

The flamingo in Odense ZOO is the pink flamingo which lives in Africa but also in southern Europe. The pink-coloured plumage gets it colour from the alga and shellfish the
flamingos eat.

The flamingo is a social bird. They live together in enormous colonies of up to 20,000 pairs. They use their voice to keep the flock together so flamingos can make a lot of noise. They also call out to find their young in the big flock.

At Odense ZOO, we give the flamingos a dye in their feed (canthaxanthin) so they keep their impressive colour. Here in the aviary, you can try and sit in a chair built as a flamingo nest

Small invertebrates, small fish, algaes and small crustaceans
Life expectancy
Up to 40 years
140-170 cm
Incubation period
27-31 days
IUCN status
Least concern (LC)