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Chimpanse i naturskønne Odense ZOO
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Pan troglodytes

The chimpanzee is the animal which most closely resembles humans. They live in packs of between 15 and 120 all in one territory which they defend against other packs.

The chimpanzee is an endangered species. Its habitats disappear when forests are converted into farms, and the hunt for chimpanzees has risen dramatically because it has become popular to serve “bushmeat” in the big cities.

The chimpanzee uses tools regularly, e.g. blades of grass and twigs to pick up termites from
termite mounds. At Odense ZOO, we give them containers with holes in them from which they use twigs to gather yoghurt. We also give them labyrinth boxes to play with.

Fruit, seeds, nuts, flowers, leaves and insects. From time to time: antilopes, wild boar, minor monkeys, nesting birds and eggs
West Africa
Life expectancy
Nature; 40-50 years. Captivity: 60 years
Male: 43-60 kg Female: 33-47 kg
Gestation period
8 months
IUCN status
Endangered (EN)