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kamelunge i Odense ZOO med grøn baggrund
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Camelus bactrianus

The camel lives in desert landscapes with sparse vegetation. It has long eye lashes, small ears with lots of hair, and it can close its nostrils. This way, it can avoid getting sand in its eyes, ears and nose during sandstorms.

When the camel gets plenty of food, it forms large fat deposits in its humps. These fat deposits can be converted to water during periods of warm weather. This way it can survive up to 14 days without water. But then it is also very thirsty and it can drink 200 litres of water in one go. During periods of cold weather, the deposits help keep the camel warm.

At Odense ZOO, we give the camels a net, among other things, containing hay to enrich and
activate them.

Dry vegetation, spiny branches and twigs
Life expectancy
50 years
650 kg
Gestation period
12-15 months
IUCN status
Critically endangered (CR)